OrangeFloat: PARK(ing) Day 2012 @ Five Corners

September 23, 2012

OrangeFloat was conceived as a public art installation at Five Corners (12th Street East and Broadway Avenue, Saskatoon, SK) on September 21st, 2012 as part of Saskatoon’s first PARK(ing) Day celebration.  The concept was based on the idea of an outdoor living room that consisted of a ceiling of 140, 17″ orange balloons; 200 carpet tiles; furniture; and games.

This project was an experiment in how metered parking stalls can be transformed into temporary public space.  We drew from and interpreted ideas from the Broadway 360° Development Plan.

Special thanks to Sarah Marchildon at the Broadway Business Improvement District, Teresa Baker, Amy Livingston, Carrie Catherine, Mike Velonas, Charlie Clark and our 5 firms for helping us make this installation happen on Broadway. Shouts out to Paulette D’Eon, Ryan Walker, Mairin Loewen, Dale Zak, Daren McLean, Charles Olfert and all of the other participants and volunteers who made this day happen.  Lastly, thanks to the public who took part in this event and the City of Saskatoon for letting us transform the stalls for a day.

Here’s a link to our original PARK(ing) Day post: 2012 PARK(ing) Day.

You can also check out YXE Voices for more photos of PARK(ing) Day installations throughout the city.  YXE Voices is a “civic engagement platform” created by Whitespace and Deezine to “spark a new level of citizen participation in Saskatoon”.  This is a great forum to share and discuss your ideas about how to improve our city so we encourage you to check it out.


time-lapse photography: 7am – 9pm.

orangefloat: night rendering.

Robyn, April and Dale.  Dale was a tremendous help. Thanks Dale!

Jason Danner, DANCE thru SHADOW entertained us throughout the day with handstands, balancing acts and jugging.  Thanks Jason for dropping by on short notice!

Street art by Charles Olfert, AODBT.

Laura Plosz, Architecture/Interior Design stopped by to check out the installation.

Audra Krueger, Centre for the Study of Co-operatives modelling her shades for us.

Our awesome volunteers, Teresa Baker and friend making glow jars.

Charlie Clark, Ward 6 Saskatoon City Councillor dropped by to say hello.

Alan taking balloons home for the neighbourhood children.  Awesome!

Blog post by: Robyn, Photographs by: OPEN


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  1. Erin says:

    We had so much fun playing Jenga! Awesome awesome idea for space.

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