HockeyHut: Pick-up-sticks

November 4, 2012

Our design proposal for Winnipeg’s annual WARMING HUTS competition.


Project description:

The structure of the HOCKEYHUT acts as an armature for hockey stick cladding. A certain number of sticks can be unhooked for public use, making the source of heat the act of playing on the frozen river. Furthering the notion of play, the ‘hut’ is a snow fence/bench that can move to best serve the users of The Forks. This could mean creating two opposing sides for a game of pick-up hockey, or facing both benches to the south, sheltering users from the northwesterly wind. The sides can come together, creating an intimate gathering space. The undersides of the benches serve as storage for pucks and belongings, asking for trust from the public. HOCKEYHUT also gives back to the community; at the end of the season the sticks, which vary in length, can be re-purposed. We propose partnering with Winnipeg’s Northend Hockey Project, which supplies youth with hockey equipment.


night perspectiveday perspectiveplan, elevation and sections

Here’s a link to our original post: WARMING HUTS v.2013.

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