YK ARCC This (Winter) City IV

This (Winter) City IV

September 21, 2016

We are excited to have this opportunity to lead a two-week community design/build in Yellowknife! Pleased to have collaborator Dan Korver on our team along with support from the Yellowknife Artist Run Community Centre.

This time we will be tackling Winter Cities as a theme for our latest small-scale tactical urban installation. The planning and design/build workshops will be open to the public throughout this engaging installation up North.

The follow is the schedule for the two-week collaborative project:

Sun Sep 25 7 PM @ YK ARCC
Presentation & Discussion (Open to Public)
Presentation from OPEN on Design Impact followed by discussion.

Tue Sep 27 7 PM @ YK ARCC
Vision Workshop (Open to Public)
Facilitated by OPEN, brainstorming strategies for small-scale high-impact projects for the North that address the theme ‘Winter City’.

Wed Sep 28 7 PM @ YK ARCC
Project Design Workshop (Team Work: Members of the Public, Artist/Design Community)
Facilitated by OPEN, develop a design response or intervention that will focus on the key issues, challenges and opportunities identified in the previous session.

Fri Sep 30 – Oct 5
Building Change (Team Work: OPEN + Volunteer Design/Build team)
Facilitated by OPEN, detail design and construction of the selected small-scale high-impact project from the Project Design Workshop.

Thu Oct 6 – Time and Location TBD
Installation and Activation (Open to Public)
Project installation on-site + celebration.

Build Sequence

YK ARCC – This (Winter) City: Build Sequence

This Winter City IV

Yellowknife Artist Run Community Centre

5112 – 52nd Street

Yellowknife, NWT